Why Is Kedarkantha India’s Favourite Trek?


Foremost discovered downtime trek in India. Throughout its history, the Kedarkantha mountain has charmed the minds and hearts of millions of Indian trampers. Rather of your busy life, Don’t forget to enjoy some time with Nature. It will help you to add taste to your life. One of the stylish places where you are griddled by nature’s tranquility is Kedarkantha in Uttarakhand. You will feel refreshed and attain peace. It’s a gateway for experiencing snowy trails. So, have a break from engaged life and backpack for an energetic journey!!


A mysterious forest with thick oak and pine trees, serene lake, with greenery pastures, adrenaline rush activities will enthrall you! 

Even Though you are new to trekking, you are able to finish it. It’s a moderate trek! Camping at Juda ka talab. A package of excitement and mind-blowing beauty.


Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek

You will come here, at any time when you want to refresh. It’s available for all over the year. 

But the perfect season is Winter, because mountains, valleys, and grass are covered by a blanket of snow having a perfect landscape picturesque view! You can  trek on snow, frolicking with the snowy cute snowmen wearing your scarf!!


Facts to  know before Trekking

  • No  mobile network available after reaching Purola.
  • No ATM ‘s are available after Mori. So if you want money, take it from the ATM before reaching Mori.
  • Check your backpack, have a first aid kit, water bottles, torch and food. 
  • Hydrate yourself throughout the trek.
  • Local guides are available there. If you are a newbie, it’s better to get their guidelines Or you can trek alone.
  • Pre-booking for accommodation, food is better than live landing there. 
  • Be a responsible person throughout the trek without harming nature. Be clean and make your surroundings clean!


Routes to reach Kedarkantha trek

From Delhi, it’s 260 km. 6-7 hours journey, if you choose the road way then take the government bus, or you can go by car or bike. Route is:

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Dehradun to Purola to Mori to Naitwar to Sankri

By Bus: You can take UPSRTC buses or some Travels are available from Delhi to Dehradun. Then from Dehradun, take a bus to reach Sankri.


By Train:  Delhi to dehradun, Nanda Devi AC Express at 11.50pm.


By Air:  From major cities you get direct flight to Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun. Then you go to kedarnath by bus or taxi.


Best place for Camping: Sankri 


Apart from Sankari, you can’t find any better place to camp there. It has budget friendly accommodation with good amenities and caretakers. You will be able to eat a delightful dinner here to enjoy the night. You have to pre-book here, if you want to stay. Pre-booking the hotel is compulsory from December to March. There is no ATM here, so keep enough cash with you.


It’s time about intro for Trek, 


  • Altitude: 12,500 ft at kedarkantha peak, 6000 ft at Sankri
  • Trek distance: 25km
  • Trek duration: Approx. 5 days


Now step by step manual for trek,


Trek starts from Sankari village which is located at an altitude of 6,000 ft. With picturesque views of snow-clad peaks, frozen lakes in between your trek you will finally reach Juda ka talab.


Sankari to Juda ka talab

  • Trekking Distance: 5 km
  • Time: 5 hrs
  • Height: 9,100 ft


Then carry on towards Kedarkantha peak nestled about 12,500 ft where you can see Devkyara and Har ki Dun valleys. You can see the stone sheeted Lord Shiva shrine at the peak. 


Juda ka talab to kedarkantha peak 


  • Trekking Distance: 10 km
  • Time: 10 hrs
  • Height: 12,500 ft


After witnessing the heart stolen view of Himalayas while clouds embrace you. Trek to Hargaon from there you may go to Dehradun.


Kedarkantha peak to Hargaon


  • Trekking Distance: 6 km
  • Time: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Height: 12,500 ft to 8,900 ft


Witnessing the heart touching view from kedarkantha peak, you will feel the essence of nature’s love. And you will get memorable experience that will cherish you whenever you think about Kedarkantha Trek!!


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