North Goa City Tour- An Amazing Guide to the City

Goa, the Pearl of the Orient, as it is fondly called by many, has some of the most beautiful sights to behold. Goa has over 43 beaches, some of which are regarded as some of the best beaches in the world- like Candolim Beach or Baga Beach or Calangute Beach. Tourists flock here every year to enjoy nature at its finest and experience everything it has to offer in terms of vibrant nightlife and leisure activities like scuba diving and beach partying. One can book from banbanjara.


What is North Goa?

North Goa is a district in India’s smallest state, surrounded by Maharashtra and with a southern coastline on Karnataka. The capital of North Goa is Panaji (Panjim). Other important cities and towns are Mapusa, Margao, Vasco da Gama, Nerul, Bicholim and Sankhali. Tourism is one of main industries here. Our tour guide company services are really appreciated by local as well as foreign tourists from all over the world. We offer Tours & travel packages for north goa city  tour along with hotel booking services and rent a car service in North Goya.


Things to do in this city

North Goa is one of India’s most popular holiday destinations. During your stay in North Goa, don’t miss out on these awesome places and things to do! Here are some amazing ideas for the North Goa city tour: The beaches here are stunning. One such beach that you must visit is Calangute Beach. This beach has a lot of shacks selling food and drinks. The beach has a very beautiful sunset view so make sure you catch it before you leave for home.


Where to stay in North Goa

North Goa has a high concentration of hotels and guesthouses, but its properties don’t always live up to what you’d expect from a city that receives thousands of visitors each year. If you’re looking for a place where you can stay for an extended period, it might be worth considering finding an apartment or condo instead; many homeowners are willing to rent out their homes during high season at prices that undercut those of most hotels. And while North Goa is home to many guesthouses—which can be a great choice if you want something more intimate than a hotel but less expensive than renting your own place—they aren’t very easy to come by.


Learn about Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrated in honor of Lord Ganesha. The festival date is set by astrologers who have been studying planetary positions and various other celestial bodies, but it generally falls between mid August and September (Ashwin) on Purnima. During Ganesh Chaturthi, people across India pray for success, health and prosperity by installing an idol of Lord Ganesha in their home or place of business.


The best places in these city for food, culture, shopping and more

You can’t visit a city like North Goa without first doing your research. There are lots of things to do, places to see and food to eat in each city and doing it wrong is a crime. Luckily for you, though, we did all of that hard work. That’s why here is our list of must visits on your North Goa City Tour!


This City’s Best Festivals (that are coming up soon)

It’s no secret that North Goan residents have some of the most amazing celebrations. Some are extremely famous, and some are so small they don’t even have a name. Whatever they may be, there is plenty to do in North Goa if you get bored of chilling out on beaches during your holiday. Here are some upcoming festivals that you should definitely check out if you’re going for a trip to North Goa soon


How To Get There

In case you were wondering how to get there, don’t worry! All your questions will be answered before we begin our North Goa city tour. If you choose to stay in a hostel or hotel along with your travel companions, then we highly recommend staying on Fontainhas. It is an area of Chaudi which is located between Panjim and Vagator, while still being in town! A lot of backpackers like staying here because it has several things going for it. For one thing, most travelers prefer hostels over hotels and these ones are right around where all of the action is happening. Secondly, it’s situated in between all of our stops so that you can easily walk from one place to another without having to take public transportation.

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