Leh Ladakh Bike Tour: Different Route Package


Two wheels can take you great distances! From the sea to the mountains, from the plains to desserts. Cycling all over India has been a dream come true for many cyclists out there. Road connections in India connecting provinces and cities are fascinating. Cyclists in the southwest have been blessed with zig-zag turns in the Western Ghats and the majestic Arabian Sea.

Biking in the Himalayan and trans Himalayan regions is a completely different story to discuss. Many enthusiasts from the last decade prefer to visit Ladakh and surrounding areas using these sturdy wheels.

There are a lot of Leh Ladakh bike trip packages that have gained popularity over the last few years. The trip includes a bicycle tour from Delhi, Manali, Srinagar and Ladakh. Feel the thrill of driving yourself on the busy road with Khardung la pass and Changla Pass at 18,000 ft and 17,000 ft respectively. Following are some exciting travel package options for your deep road trip;

Manali to Ladakh Bike Trip 

This Manali bike tour to Leh will not only bring you closer to Ladakh and its many beautiful attractions, but it will also give you the opportunity to enjoy some time in Manali. Here, you can start planning your trip, setting out the essentials you can wish for during your trip. The distance to the Manali bike ride to Leh is estimated at 474 kms, and you will be covering that in a few days while touring everywhere. Watch the colors of the lakes change as the day turns to sunset, enjoy the blazing fire with the mountains standing guard behind you, spend time in the local settlement and get to know the local people, and much more. Don’t wait to book your Manali bike package to Leh and continue the journey for the rest of your life. The whole trip costs Rs 35999.

Delhi to Manali Leh Srinagar Bike Trip

The cost of the Manali to Leh bike trip package starts from Rs 28,500 per person depending on the ride option you choose. There are four options to ride the Manali Leh Srinagar Route. Leh Ladakh bike rides are a week-long trip worth Rs. 24,000 per person with multiple locations included. Get hiking in the desert like trans Himalayan roads with cold blue rivers flowing in empty valleys. Get to a new place every time you turn around and see the amazing snow capped Himalayan mountains reach the sky, your journey begins and ends in Leh. This tour package takes you to all the famous features of Ladakh.

Manali Leh Manali Bike Trip

A trip to HImachal Pradesh is always a fun trip to the Himalayas. This hilly road trip includes traveling through the snowy regions of Manali, Rohtang la, Sarchu gata loops, Pangong Tso, Nubra Valley, Khardungla, Leh and back to Manali. They say you are learning the best lessons in life while you are on the right journey in this case. Roads are dangerous, a completely new area, new people and new knowledge of the Himalayan mountains can be amazing. At the same time it teaches us to go on no matter what happens and in the end, you will be rewarded. The Manali Leh bike package covers basic basic requirements on the other hand, issued by Inner Line Permit, travel insurance, personal expenses or purchase costs. The total price is Rs. 30,000 per person on this 12-day adrenaline pumping journey.

Srinagar Leh Manali Bike

This is a really long trip to the mountains. You cross three regions in this 10-day HImalayas app. Your journey starts from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir- Sonmarg-Kargil-Magnetic Hill- Leh- Khardungla-Nubra-Pangong-via Shyok- Chang la-Leh- Moore- Jispa- Rohtang la- Manali. The package includes food, accommodation, Himalayan enfield bikes, mechanics, first aid and oxygen supplies, fuel, tolls, tents, protective helmets etc. It experiences a diverse, challenging, dynamic landscape throughout the Himalayas in the northern provinces. The whole trip costs Rs. 35,000 per person covers almost all basic expenses and gives you a fun trip.


Biking in these challenging and demanding environments may sound like a distant dream with all the obstacles and unexpected situations, but as you explore the landscape of your journey, you feel rewarded for the difficulties you face during your journey there. Calm and quiet monks and friendly locals soften the blow to all the stressful days of non-stop driving. Living in the Himalayan islands and seeing such healthy views of nature relax your mind and soothe your mind.


He is your leader in the Himalayas. You take your car, explore places, meet new people, and see the beauty of the world with your own eyes. Anything you see, hear, touch, experience in this journey is yours. This experience and this phase of your life only affects you and you. Therefore, these things are green as they get what everyone should see once in their life. The mountains are waiting so put on your hat and go.

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