How to Make the Most of Instagram Stories

If you’re new to Instagram Stories, you might be wondering how to make the most of the app. Here are a few things you need to know: Highlights, the Reply bar, and the Share arrow. You can also create GIFs and ask your followers to answer your questions. It’s the Instagram equivalent of Ask Me Anything. Just be sure to keep your followers in the loop! After all, you want them to know what you’re up to!

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Brands can create Highlights of Instagram Stories by selecting specific categories. Highlights can be based on the type of content being shared on your Instagram account, or they can segment followers by age and gender. If you’re an online clothing retailer, for instance, you may have separate pages for dresses, tops, and bottoms, and highlight these by day. Your Highlights can also be used for analytics and planning. Highlights can also be used to target new visitors to your profile.

Brands should use a brand kit for their highlights. This will ensure consistent design and voice. Brands should use a combination of icons and texts to convey their message. The texts should be descriptive but not confusing to the reader. While Instagram allows brands to create multiple highlights, the logo, name, and other information on the cover should remain consistent across the platform. You should not be shy to use both icons and text, but you should always ensure they complement each other.

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Reply bar

In case you want to reply to an Instagram story but can’t seem to find it, you can always disable the feature in your profile. This way, only people you follow will be able to reply to your story. In order to do this, open the Account settings on Instagram. Under “Reply to stories,” tap “Disable for all users.”

Once you click “Seen by” on the recipient’s profile, you’ll see the respondent’s name, username, and comment history. If you’d like, you can also add location stickers to your Instagram story. Adding a location sticker is just like adding one to a normal post, but instead of typing it out, you can use Story Reactions to express your feelings without typing. Once you have added a sticker, you can choose what kind of reply you’d like to receive.

Share arrow

The Share arrow on Instagram stories is a very simple tool that allows you to send a video, image, or text to multiple people at once. You can select your audience and choose whether you want the video to be shared to your followers or not. Alternatively, you can save the image and send it to other people by clicking the Direct button at the bottom center. However, you should remember that you cannot share multiple images at once. If you do, they will all disappear after seeing them.

There are three ways to customize your stories: by changing the cover image, choosing a photo icon, and by adjusting the settings. The Story analytics page will show you how many people have viewed your content over the past seven days, and the actions they took as well. These actions may include replies, comments, locations, mentions, profile visits, and swipes to IGTV or external links. In addition to this, you can add a caption or tag other users to share your story with their followers.


When uploading photos or videos to your Instagram stories, you may be wondering how to add GIFs. The answer is simple. You can find GIFs by searching for them in the Instagram app or using the search bar. Search for GIFs that match the type of content you want to include in your story and upload them directly. Alternatively, you can find trending GIFs and use them in your story. The GIF will appear in the centre of the photo, which you can then move wherever you want.

The main reason to add GIFs to your Instagram Stories is to attract viewers to scroll further. However, it is important to remember that GIFs are not suitable for every type of visual style, and can clash with a video’s style. Instagram lets you choose when and where to insert them. GIFs can also add a personal touch to your story by using relevant keywords and a creative GIF. In addition, they can motivate your viewers to take action.

Location page

Snapchat launched a location search feature less than two months ago, and now Instagram is copying that functionality with its new location page for Stories. TechCrunch reports that Instagram has been testing Location Stories, which aggregate publicly posted Stories tagged with a location sticker. The new feature lets you browse strangers’ stories about a particular location, such as how the weather is or how many people are in Times Square. Using this new feature, users can find stories from any location and read about its history, weather, and events.

When used with other location tags, geotagging allows users to learn about a business’s location and visit it. In addition, geotagging allows you to attract new customers by showing your presence in specific locations. The location tag also lets people discover your posts in their Explore page if they are searching for the location in a particular area. This will boost your brand exposure on Instagram. In addition, users can use location stickers to guide them to your business’s location page in their posts.

How to Use an Instagram Story Viewer

Using an Insta story viewer can give you the ability to see a person’s full story from the perspective of that person’s avatar. You can select the colour you want for the background. Fortunately, Instagram has a variety of colours available. The user can choose a specific shade or the full spectrum. Alternatively, you can draw the background colour of your choice by holding down your finger on the screen. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Instagram stories.

One option for a free and anonymous Instagram story viewer is This app allows you to view stories of any Instagram user without registering. This way, you can study the work of a real Instagram account without exposing yourself. This tool also allows you to browse other users’ stories and share your own. By using an anonymous Instagram story viewer, you can keep yourself anonymous and study other people’s work without the hassle of following them.

You should also keep in mind that higher-ranked users are more likely to be found. These users have more followers, more connections and more interactions with their audience. These interactions may not be direct, but they do visit your profile frequently. Apparently, this factor is used to determine the order of the Instagram story viewer list. If your audience is predominantly made of your friends and family, you might want to make sure you get your stories in front of their friends and family.

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