How to earn money when you are studying in Singapore

Part-Time Jobs for students in Singapore are in great demand as this place is a hub for students to study. For the last few years, it has been seen how the institutes from Singapore have risen high on the rankings. This article is there to update students on the Flexible part-time jobs in Singapore and how they can help them earn a good income.

The lifestyle of Singapore: In a country like Singapore, the Indian students stay in large numbers, and India as a country is connected both by air. There is a large working force well settled in Singapore, and there is a particular place named ” Little India.” It is a place that is fully managed by the Indian community. Singapore has a strong public transport system and a reliable transit system useful for trains, and its network is very comfortable.

One of the best features of Singapore is the best corporate governance. Citizen of the country has a lot of pride and respect for law and order. The government also sees that citizens receive the best care for their citizens. Students can find Part time jobs near me due to the less requirement for travel.

Important points to consider for a student wanting to get a job a part-time: 

Several institutes have the rules and guidelines to follow for the international students wanting to take up Part-Time Jobs for students in Singapore. 

International students cannot keep working for more than 16 hours a week. Anyone working more than 16 hours will require a special work permit. The important thing to keep in mind is that you have to get your degree with a good score and not keep looking for part-time jobs and your academic grades keep going down.

Some of the Flexible part-time jobs in Singapore that students can find in Singapore are as follows:

  • If you are good with a foreign language and are very good at it, then you can work on taking those translation assignments or take the work of an interpreter. The job offers good pay with excellent skills.
  • If you are good at cooking, you can apply yourself as a chef as there are quite a few restaurants that are ready to hire students with good cooking skills.
  • If you cannot find any job outside, then it is best if you can reach out to any available opportunity in your institute. It will be like having a job in the library where you have to collect the books and get them arranged in the right manner.
  • You also can register your name with the institutes in the career department and keep looking for any updates from their side. You also can check with restaurants, supermarkets, and cafes. If they want to hire students for any part-time jobs, you can apply for those jobs.
  • If you have excellent typing skills, this is the ideal job for you.

Payscale: The salary depends on the type of work and any extra benefits that you may receive. You will receive a free dinner every night if you work at a restaurant. If you are working at a supermarket, there is a possibility that your employer will give you good discounts for you to purchase the groceries and different merchandise products from the store. Students have the potential to earn anywhere from 1000$ to 2500$. Part-time jobs near me offer the good pay for any student interested in these kinds of jobs.

Freelancing Opportunities: There are a lot of opportunities available for graphic designers and programmers. If you wish to work as a freelancer, you will be able to do it with the help of having a laptop and a stable internet connection. Many students have worked in different industries, and students can take up freelance jobs while staying for a good time in Singapore and earn a good amount of money.

Work after completing studies: The institute offers many programs in Singapore that give students internship opportunities as per the curriculum schedule. They have students working for two to three months, allowing them to apply their skills. There are many internships for students to finish with great success, and that is how they can receive a full-time role by the company. It is only possible to get it once the students have completed their graduation completely.

Once the employees have received a job offer, the important thing for students is to apply for the right employment pass to start working. The Singapore government works in the best suitable manner for the students, and if all the documents are in place, students will get the employment pass with much more ease and comfort.

Singapore is a great destination for the number of students planning to come for higher studies. There are many institutes currently offering many different types of courses to capable students. The investment made by students for studying in Singapore is of absolute value for money as it is the cleanest city and offers many different opportunities for students to work and make a living in Singapore.

The only thing required for students studying in Singapore is that students will have to have good skills to earn a good side income. This side income is there to help support the students by paying all the small expenses incurred by the student regularly.


Part-Time Jobs for students in Singapore are a great way to start earning a decent amount of money. Students need to keep upgrading their skillsets as these skills will come in handy for them in growing and earning money for their growth.

The government also supports international students who want to make a career in Singapore and start building a beautiful future in this country. These small experiences of working part-time will make the student feel much more confident in taking bigger steps for the betterment and using that experience to work with more clients and become a master in that particular skill.


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