Har Ki Dun- Best Trek in India

The beauty along the Har Ki Dun route is well-known for its dramatic transformation throughout the year. The valley is especially lovely in the summer and spring. There’s a wide variety of cute animals to look at, and the flowers are in full bloom. Every few weeks during the winter, snowfall blankets the valley, changing the region’s signature greenery to a beautiful white.


Travel Plan


Map of the hike from Har Ki Dun to Ruinsara Valley




Travel via car from Dehradun to Kotgaon


Pickup for Indiahikes trekkers is at the Grand Legacy Hotel, close to Lal Pul in Dehradun, or at the Library Chowk in Mussoorie. The driving distance is 196 kilometres and the driving time is 9 to 10 hours.


Transportation will depart at 6:30 AM from Hotel Grand Legacy, which is located close to Lal Pull in Dehradun. The price of the cab is as follows: Rs 6,500 for an SUV (to be shared by five or six hikers) and Rs 10,000 for a Tempo Traveller (shared among 11-12 trekkers).




Start your trip to Taluka from Kotgaon by car. Visit Gangaad by way of Taluka.


The hike will take 5-6 hours and the altitude gain will be between 6,520 and 7,667 feet. The drive will take 1.5-2 hours.


Flat grade for first 3 kilometres. The trail gradually rises and falls after leaving Bhida ka Thatch. Along the way, you’ll find a river where you may stop and fill up your water bottles.




Hike from Gangaad to Kalkatiyadhar


A 7.50-kilometer hike will take you four to five hours to complete, and you’ll gain 7,667 to 9,960 feet in elevation. Easy, After a 15-minute climb, the trail levels off for the next 90 minutes of walking. 15 minutes of steep ascent, followed by a flat portion and a boulder field, and then a trail that gradually climbs to the summit. The river along the path provides a convenient opportunity to restock water supplies.




Kalkatiyadhar to Boslo via Har Ki Dun Trek


Altitude gain/loss: 9,960 ft. to 10,430 ft. via 11,600 ft. Distance of trek: 9 km Time required: 5-6 hours




Travel from Oslo to the Swarnadhara Valley


Depending on how fast you go, you can gain between 430 and 540 metres of elevation in about 6.20 kilometres (4 to 4 hours of actual hiking time).


After leaving the Boslo camp site, the rise is steep for the first few miles before levelling off and ending at Har Ki Dun trek. In the first four kilometres, there is no access to water. In the future, there will be consistent access to water. You only need one litre of water every day.




Make your way from Swarnadhara to Devsu Thatch by way of the Ruinsara Valley.


Altitude gain/loss: 10,540 ft. to 9,930 ft. via 11,850 ft. Distance of trek: 13.70 km Time required for trek: 7-8 hours


A slow climb up to the lake. Constant, slow decline all the way to the Devsu River crossing. Getting to Devsu involves a final, strenuous climb. There are frequent places to refill your water bottle.




A journey from Devsu Thatch to Taluka. Drive back to Kotgaon


Trek Distance: 18.9 km | Trek Duration: 9-10 hours | Altitude Loss: 9,930 ft to 6,520 foot


We’ll be descending gradually and steadily until we reach Gangaad. Downhill from Gangaad to Taluka. Transportation from or to Kotgaon in a vehicle. There are consistent water stops throughout the way. Bring along plenty of fluids.




Travel back to Dehradun from Kotgaon via car.


The Indiahikes group will be dropped off at the Grand Legacy Hotel in Dehradun’s Laal Pull neighbourhood after a 9-10 hour drive.


This transport expense needs to be shared by hikers and paid directly to the driver. Cost of the cab – Rs.6,500 per vehicle for an SUV, split among 5-6 trekkers, or Rs.10,000 per vehicle for a Tempo Traveler, shared among 11-12 trekkers.




  • A valid photo ID is required for access at forest check posts along the trail, so make sure you bring a copy with you.
  • It’s planned for you to stay in lodges at the base camp.
  • There will be three of you in a tent during the hike.
  • The camp has a cloakroom where you can store your extra belongings. Please do not forget any of your valuables in the cloakroom.

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