Gaukmukh Tapovan Trek: A Complete Guide


Everything you need to know about the Gaumukh Tapovan trek, the trek is stated to be one of the foremost and most rewarding treks in the state of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The elevated mountain of the gaumukh trek will make you visualize so many stunning scenarios above at the top of the peak that your eyes will insist you constantly glimpse at it, doesn’t that sound amazing? Yes, it just makes us realize the magnificence of the gaumukh Tapovan trek. You can not only view the shivling from the above but also can behold it from the base summits. Those are unknown about the shivling, so it’s a very stunning mountain in the country of India.

The reason behind the Gaukmukh Tapovan trek is getting less fame because the gaumukh trek is less in terms of grace than other trekking places due to which it resulted in a lack of trekkers. This is something like a new star being restored with an old star that sounds awful, but we know that old is gold and no one can fulfill its space other than that. The trek will always be a momentum for all of us as its name gaumukh Tapovan trek comes in one of the Hindu pilgrimages with Gangotri. This occurred because, during the year 1972, Sir seewoosagur Ramgoolam and later the prime minister of Mauritius carried the holy Ganga from much and made the same path with the water of Grand Bassin and relabeled it as Ganga talao for Mauritian Hindus respectively.


Trek routes info

Day1: From Dehradun, you have to move towards Gangotri, which is of 24kms drive with a duration of  8 hours.

Day2: then from trek Gangotri to Chirbasa ie. ( 10,052ft to 11,631ft) with a trek distance of 10kms in 6 hours.

Day3: From Chirbasa to bhojbasa ie. (11,631ft to 12,431ft) with a trek distance of 5 km which is covered in 3 hours of duration.

Day4:  after reaching the and later back moving again towards bhojbasa ie. ( 12,431ft to 12,923ft)with a trek length of 6kms in 3 hours.

Day5: then from Bhojbasa to tapovan ie. ( 12,431ft to 14,202ft) with a trek distance of 6kms in 9 hours of duration.

Day6: after reaching Tapovan (14,202ft) you have to move back towards the bhojbasa(12,431ft) with a trek distance of 6kms for 5hours of duration.

Day7: then from bhojbasa (12,431ft) to Gangotri(10,052ft) with a trek distance of 14kms in 8hours of duration.

Day8: After reaching Gangotri move towards Dehradun with a drive distance of 242kms in 8hours of duration.           



  • Location: In Uttarakhand.
  • Duration of trek: 8 days.
  • The highest altitude of the trek: is 14202ft long.
  • Age for trekking: starting from 12 to 55 years.
  • Trek level: is from easy to moderate type.
  • Best time to visit: mid-September to June.


Essentials required for the trek

  • Accessories: 1 raincoat or umbrella (during the rainy season), 1 balaclava or scarf, 2 pairs of thick thermal jackets and t-shirts, 2 track pants, sweaters, 1pair of hand gloves, woolen clothes, 2 pairs of socks, trekking poles, trekking shoes for better grip and friction on treks routes(please do not get confused between trekking shoes and sports shoes), sunglasses, sunscreen, goggles, plastic covers for wrapping electronic gadgets.
  • Appliances: Mobile chargers, cameras, headlamps, torches, and power banks also don’t forget to carry some extra batteries for emergencies.
  • Meals: Meals will be provided by them in their lodges, but you can better prefer homemade lunches and snacks. Also bring big water bottles of 2 to 3 liters.
  • First aid: 1 strip of Diamox (fear of height sickness), 6 tablets of Doco650 (paracetamol), 5 tablets of Avomine (motion sickness), 6 tablets of Combiflam( for an unexpected twist in leg or muscle strain), 5 tablets of Digene(acidity), 5 packets of ORS, knee brace(for knee injury or pain), cotton rolls, antiseptic liquids, and creams.
  • Toiletries: liquid soaps, toothbrush, paste, tissue papers, etc.

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Important notice

  • It’s very mandatory to carry your ID cards for receiving entry to the trekking place.
  • The trekkers will be offered tents to stay during the tour.
  • Sharing of tents may not be applicable in May, June, July, and August.
  • The tents are made for at least three trekkers’ lodging on other days.  



The Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is the best place to visit for having some cool adventures with relishing new splendid spots and also exploring more about the beauty of Uttarakhand state.

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