Essentia vs OneTouch: EMRs that are Making Headlines!

These days, there are several tools accessible for practice management. Each practice management EMR (electronic medical record) has unique characteristics. Most of them include patient data management features, electronic prescriptions, and medical charting. This is a side-by-side comparison of Essentia vs OneTouch EMR. It will compare their essential features and give price information. You can then determine which of the two you should buy. 

Essentia EMR is a cloud-based information management, medical billing, and practice management (PM) system. that provides Electronic Health Records Software. It is an information management software. It aims to fulfill the requirements of behavioral health clinics. Physicians can install it both in the cloud and on-premise. From assessment through therapy, the program collects critical client information. 

One Touch EMR is a medical record and practice management tool. It supports small to medium-sized businesses. It combines medical data, timetables, and supply management into a single platform. It has a dashboard that displays daily schedules and pending orders. It also shows patient and colleague conversations. It has comprehensive patient encounter recording, including demographics and vitals. Physicians can also check current illness history, medications, and allergies. They can also track encounter timelines to help put treatment into context.

Essentia EMR Software:

Here are some of the Essentia EMR features for clinical management: 


Essentia EMR Key Features: 

Addiction Support: 

Essentia EHR Software supports and trains practitioners in addiction treatment. It also supports long-term care and public health. Physicians can track drugs to improve mental and behavioral health. Physicians can also track drug misuse history. 

Electronic Prescription:

Essentia has also collaborated with “DrFirst” on their prescription tool. Furthermore, physicians can use Essentia Connect to exchange medical data. It helps the exchange of data with other EMR systems. 

EHR Management:

Besides, the EMR system includes group appointment scheduling, cost accounting, and consumer care. It also offers engagement coordination, treatment plan formulation, and detoxification. It provides automated dispensing equipment and patient-specific dosage advice. 

Patient Portal:

Another system component is the Essentia Connect Patient Portal. It allows people to access their health information online whenever they need it. 

Essentia Pricing:

The vendor does not share the cost of the Essentia software. The Essentia price is customized for each practice based on the number of users. You can request a tailored quote by contacting the Essentia sales team. 

Essentia Demo:

The Essentia demo will show the software in action so users can understand it better. You can schedule the Essentia demo by contacting the support team. 

Essentia Reviews:

  1. The Essentia reviews testify that it is a reliable tool for EHR management. 
  2. Users find the interface of Essentia quite simple too. 
  3. The Essentia software is easy to navigate as well. 
  4. Something that Essentia users have complained about it is occasional glitches. 


OneTouch EMR Software: 

The following are the OneTouch features that support physicians: 

OneTouch EMR Features:



This feature contains labs, medication refills, clinical, meaningful use, and health maintenance information. These reports can be created and exported inside the platform. 

Treatment Plans: 

OneTouch EMR offers support in the management of lab and procedure requests. It can enroll people in health maintenance programs too. You can use it to fill prescriptions and request orders from outside facilities. 


Financial Management:

Essentia assists your practice treatment quality and cuts financial risk. It boosts income by offering a comprehensive care plan and financial package. It also helps you regulate revenue cycle management so you can avoid loss. You can also manage patient bills, invoices, and claims. 

Orders and Lab:

It keeps track of all orders and lab requests. It also offers details such as prescriptions. You can also check the supplies. Providers can use search filters to go through their orders and requests. It helps them improve the administration of drugs. 


A welcome page gives practitioners a daily glimpse of crucial factors. It offers calendars, orders, labs, patient information, and other information. It allows physicians to keep them organized from a single location.

Encounter Summary:

Patient interactions are detailed and include all the necessary information. It offers doctors a clear picture when deciding on therapy. Patient history, history of current disease, vitals, medicines, and allergies. It also includes information like physical examinations and other information. Physicians can customize data to outline patient interactions and treatment. 



A calendar displays up to five providers’ schedules at the same time. It enables schedule changes, including appointment creation. You can check and adjust appointments within minutes. 


OneTouch Pricing:

The OneTouch EMR pricing depends on the size of each practice. The configurable pricing ensures that practices of all sizes can scale OneTouch EMR. You can request a customized pricing plan by contacting the OneTouch sales team. 

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OneTouch Demo:

You can also learn more about the OneTouch EMR software by seeing a live demo. Contact the OneTouch EMR support staff to get a demo. An Essentia EMR demo will also provide clarity about queries about the system.

OneTouch Reviews:

  1. According to OneTouch EMR users, it is a trustworthy instrument. 
  2. The OneTouch EMR offers a straightforward UI that is simple to use. 
  3. OneTouch has enhanced “our healthcare practitioners’ processes.” 
  4. The OneTouch EMR slows down after a certain number of orders. 
Final Remarks:

The Essentia EMR is ONC-ATCB authorized. It enables eligible providers to meet Meaningful Use criteria. The system also qualifies for government-based incentives. It is an adjustable role-based work system. It covers the entire treatment process. It ensures an encoded, HIPPA and 4 CFR (part 2) acceptable data management framework. 

OneTouch EMR provides practitioners with scheduling, reminders, and a client portal. It incorporates encrypted talks to allow for secure communication over the OneTouch gateway. Templates, automated order input, and digital forms are among the other features. It also includes practice management features and increased tagging capabilities. 

In a nutshell, Essentia and OneTouch are secure portals for clinical management. Physicians, clinicians, and healthcare providers can use them to improve patient outcomes. Before settling for one, you should watch Essentia and OneTouch’s demos. 

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