Bir Billing: The Ultimate Guide


Bir Billing is a small town in Himachal Pradesh and famous for many things like meditation and spirituality; monasteries; cafes, restaurants, and adventure sports. This guide covers all the things that you need to know about Bir Billing.

The most important thing to know about Bir Billing is that it’s located at an altitude of 3200 metres above sea level. So, if you’re planning to visit in summer or spring, make sure to carry warm clothes with you because the nights can get really cold there!

Bir Billing is known for its natural beauty and pristine environment. It is also one of the few places where you can find snow-capped mountains during summers as well (yes!). So if you want to see snow-capped mountains without going on an expensive trip to Europe or North America, this place will be perfect for you!

When is the ideal time to go to Bir Billing?

The best time to visit Bir Billing depends on what you wish to do while visiting this place. If you wish to spend some quality time with family then visiting this place during winters or summers would be ideal. However, if you wish to explore nature at its best then visiting this place during monsoon season would be ideal.

Best way to get there and getting around at Bir Billing

Bir Billing is a small town in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located in the western Himalayas near Dharamsala, about 30 km from McLeod Ganj.

Getting there:

By Air: The nearest airport is at Gaggal (near Kangra) which is about 40 km away from Bir Billing. From Gaggal airport you can hire a taxi or a cab to Bir Billing for Rs 1,500 – Rs 2,000.

By Train: The nearest railway station is at Kangra (about 40 km) which has connecting trains to major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh and Amritsar etc. You can take a cab/taxi/auto to reach Bir Billing from Kangra railway station for around Rs 500 – Rs 800 depending on your bargaining skills.

By Road: There are regular buses available from Himachal Bhawan bus stand in Delhi to Bir Billing (via Kangra). Some buses also go via Chandigarh and take longer time than direct ones but you get to see more places on the way if you wish to do so.

Things to do


What could be better than flying over the picturesque hills of Bir in Himachal Pradesh? 

Paragliding is a very popular tourist activity here, and you can see why. You get to soar over the mountains and make your own adventure—the views are amazing! And if you’re an adrenaline junkie, then you’ll really love this experience. It’s also not that expensive – for about $50-$80 USD, you can ride the wind with a certified instructor who will take care of all the equipment for you.

What to wear: Wear something comfortable, but don’t forget to pack sunscreen and other protection against the sun.

-How to get there: Paragliding doesn’t require any special permits or permissions from the government. Just go to Bir and look for tour operators offering paragliding packages. 


The day was filled with many adventures. We started with rappelling from a 500 feet rock at the beautiful city of Manali. Rappelling is an adventure sport in which a person descends a rock or structure using a rope. This trip to Manali was special because it was his first time rappelling. The view from the top was amazing and the overall experience was exhilarating.


Trekking in bir billing himachal

First of all you have to know what trekking is and what are the benefits of it? 

There are several reasons to do trekking and here are some of them. Trekking can be a complete vacation packed into a single activity. Trekking gives a chance to see remote areas that few people have ever experienced. Trekking can be done anywhere, no matter where you live, there will be mountains and hills you can take advantage of. Trekking is fun and exciting, especially if you go with a group of friends who share your enthusiasm for the sport. Many professional sports teams use trekking as a good way to get exercise and build teamwork. Trekking provides an opportunity to get away from the urban jungle and enjoy nature at its best. There is nothing like walking through the countryside or up a mountain to give you perspective on life and make you feel relaxed and refreshed, almost like being reborn all over again.

Section: Camping

Bir billing is a very popular site for camping and it has been developed by the forest department. This place is full of natural beauty and is surrounded by hills on all sides. The place is also known as bir forest or bir parbat, as it is situated at an altitude of 3273 M above sea level. It is located close to the river Yamuna in Uttarakhand near Dehradun. Bir billi national park contains two lakes namely Kalindi and Bir Billing which are famous for their scenic beauty and water sports activities like boating, kayaking and angling. The prime attraction here are the two beautiful lakes surrounded by thick forests.

Nowadays due to its popularity it has become overcrowded during peak season resulting in traffic jams and parking problems along with noise pollution from loud music played by DJ’s.


It is well known that the mountains of India are home to some of the best hiking trails in the world. Hikers will often flock to the Himalayas and other mountain ranges in India for the perfect combination of nature and adventure. However, there is a lesser-known destination that offers some truly breathtaking scenery: Bir Billing, in Himachal Pradesh.

Bir Billing is located about 130 km from Dehradun, in a town called Sainj. The beauty of this area lies in its breathtaking views over Kufri Lake and its surrounding landscape—it’s easy to spend hours just admiring the scenery from one location alone! The forest around Kufri itself is also an attraction for many hikers; it’s full of trees and plants that are typically found only at much higher altitudes

The most popular trails here are the Chandrakhani Pass trail, which takes you through dense forest, and a trail that takes you up to a waterfall—but you can also explore on your own if you prefer. Each trail offers something different, so it’s worth spending at least two days exploring


This guide will help prepare you for your trip to Bir Billing


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