All you wanted to know about the t20 world cup 2021

The ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup is a marquee event in any calendar year that it is scheduled to be played. Considering the delay in hosting the event, one can undoubtedly witness the additional hype and anticipation for the games and some of the key clashes. If you too are a cricket aficionado and want to know everything about the World Cup, then you have reached the appropriate location on the internet. In this article, we shall discuss all the aspects you wanted to know about the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup.


  1. The 2021 edition:


The 2021 edition is the seventh edition of the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup. This edition was initially scheduled for 2020, but the COVID pandemic across the globe forced the ICC and the BCCI to reschedule for 2021.

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  1. Duration:


The ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup 2021 is the only edition to have a five-year gap between itself and a previous edition.


  1. Teams:


The number of teams participating in the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup 2021 has been increased to a whopping 16 teams. While 4 teams shall be eliminated before heading into the Super 12, it does give associate nation teams a chance to shine.


  1. Venue:


While the hosts of the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup 2021 are India, the venue is not India. This might seem confusing, but the midway suspension of the Indian Premier League in May 2021 did cause the BCCI to get cold feet and shift the venue to the United Arab Emirates, which had also previously hosted the 2020 edition of the IPL successfully.

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  1. Dates:


The T20 World Cup Semi-Finals shall be played on the 10th and the 11th of November, 2021, while the Final shall be played on the 14th of November, 2021.


  1. Format:


There is a new format this year, considering the increase in the number of participating teams. There are two groups which shall have six teams each. Four of these teams qualify based on their ICC T20 team rankings, while the remaining two teams in each group shall be the top two of the first round groups for the associate nations.


  1. Playoffs:


Unlike the previous editions where you got to see a Quarter Final tie before the Semi-Finals and the Final, here you shall be witnessing the Semi-Finals directly post the group stage. This does allow teams to rectify their mistakes early on in the tournament and fight their way to the playoffs.


  1. Defending Champions:


The defending champions are the West Indies, who are coincidentally the most successful side in the tournament as well, boasting of two titles. While they too boast of solid firepower this year, their Group 1 draws do make it a mammoth task for them to qualify for the Semis.

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